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DeepEdge Platform and Services for Manufacturing & Industrial

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Worker safety

Use DeepEdge platform to monitor workplace safety, raising alarms to prevent accidents, and providing a heat map of violations that help customers to identify hazard zones and take steps to rectify them.

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Predictive Maintenance

Use DeepEdge platform to predict performance and condition of equipment to reduce the likelihood of failures and save customers from costly downtime

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Quality control and defect detection

Use DeepEdge platform to monitor manufacturing defects such as scratches, dents, weld, paint flaws and ensure higher quality

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Assembly monitoring

Use DeepEdge platform for assembly monitoring by creating reference model and identify defective parts in automotive, electronics and packaging industries

Case Study

Defect identification in production line

Use case: Identification of common defects in sheet metal used in manufacturing of washers and dryers. Defects include dents, scratches, cracks, and corrosion.

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Leverage DeepEdge platform - Achieve faster solution development

One Integrated Platform

One integrated deep learning development platform all for a simple annual subscription.

Choice of hardware

Industry’s first deep learning development platform with support for Ambarella, Xilinx, Intel, NVIDIA, ARM and Qualcomm (under works).

Train in the cloud and deploy on the edge

Developers leverage the cloud infrastructure to train the model and seamlessly deploy on edge hardware. Allows rapid iteration between build, train and deploy cycles.

Platform Services

DeepEdge Platform services enable you to fully leverage the power of the DeepEdge platform. Leverage team of in-house deep learning experts or external engineers certified on the DeepEdge platform to accelerate your product roadmap

Falcon Services

DeepEdge Falcon services enable you to tap into deep engineering and product development expertise at DeepEdge.

IP ownership

You have complete ownership of the data you upload to the platform. In addition you own any custom models, and custom applications developed by your team on the DeepEdge platform.

Train in the cloud, and deploy on any edge hardware

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