Till date the power of deep learning has been limited, and has not been available on everyday devices. First generation deep-learning applications were designed to run mainly in cloud data centers or on GPU systems that needed massive processing power and persistent connectivity.

With the advent of vector-processing units and power-optimized silicon for edge inference, we are on the verge of unleashing the power of deep learning on edgedevices.

DeepEdge seeks to bring the benefits of deep learning to any device: from battery-operated devices to complex manufacturing machinery to medical devices to autonomous vehicles.
With our well-defined and proven Six Step Deep Learning Solution Development Process (DLSDP), we help our customers create a new generation of smart products for existing and new markets.


Deep learning is a type of machine learning method based on the concept of neural networks. It involves training a computer to perform human-like tasks. Typical examples include recognizing images, text or speech.  More complex example applications include software for Level 4 and 5 autonomous car.

Instead of organizing data to run through predefined equations, deep learning sets up basic parameters about the data and trains the computer to learn on its own by recognizing patterns.

Deep learning involves formulation and specification of multi-level deep neural networks. The promise of deep learning is that it can lead to predictive systems that generalize well, adapt well, continuously improve as new data arrives, and are more dynamic than predictive systems built on hard business rules. You no longer fit a model.  Instead, you train the task.   DeepEdge provides full stack offering in Deep learning domain


Data Preparation

Identify data source to train model Data preparation and annotation

Model design, training

Selecting right frameworks Model training on standard and custom data-sets

Platform optimizations

Porting and optimizations Deep compression for target platform.


Incremental upgrades to models Porting and optimizations on new or upgraded frameworks and platforms


Computer Vision is an application field where machines can interpret and understand the visual world accurately identifying and classifying the information by using images, videos and deep learning models.

Computer vision involves 

  • Acquiring an image: Images are acquired in real-time through video, photos or 3D technology for analysis.
  • Processing the image: Models are often trained by first being fed thousands of labeled or pre-identified images.
  • Understanding the image: Final step is interpreting the image which involves identifying and classifying an object.

DeepEdge helps customers create a new generation of smart products that use computer vision at the core and also offer product engineering services for customers to bring their existing deep learning models into a Computer Vision based product across automotive, healthcare and industrial segments.


Image capture

Camera sensor driver development and integration including RGB-IR sensors

Camera ISP integration and Tuning

Board Support Package and bring-up

Data preparation

Identify data source to train the DL model.

Collect and annotate data if client doesn’t have existing data.

Model creation and/or porting

Proof of concept to quickly validate the model. Generate an optimized model for client’s device and data set. Port model to client’s device including splitting code between neural network engine and other processors. Port to range of hardware including custom AI chip platform, CPU, GPU and custom hardware.

Model optimization and enhancement

Iteratively develop and enhance model

On-going training and performance optimization. Add additional training data to further boost performance and accuracy.


Deliver range of analytics to measure the effectiveness of AI models including accuracy, FPS and power outputs.

Application development

End user application development for targeted industry segment – Automotive, Medical and Industrial (Surveillance, Robotics, Factory Automation and others)


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