Advanced dataset management platform to make sense of your data

Load in any format

Upload images or videos in multiple formats. Upload annotated data in standard formats like COCO, VOC, TF, YOLO, etc. Transfer files from browser or direct from cloud.

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Apply filters

Filter data based on image and annotation metadata like size, brightness, classes, annotator, upload date, etc.

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Data Health check

Preview data with preprocessing and augmentation. Understand dataset better with visualization - size analysis, box analysis, classes analysis, etc.

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Track progress

Insights on individual annotation tasks and annotator's performance

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Version control

Maintain data versions to track images, annotations and operations. Train on specific dataset version to compare or replicate training

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Similarity check

Remove similar images during transfer, annotation creation or training

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Maintain dataset versions created by multiple users in the project. Modify versions created by other users.

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Export dataset in standard formats or framework specific formats

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