Industry’s first, low-code, no-code, cloud based deep learning training platform

Multiple task types

Model architectures available for Classification, Segmentation and Object Detection. New architecture support will be available with the new releases.

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Multiple frameworks

Implementations available in multiple DL frameworks - Tensorflow, PyTorch.

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Hyperparameter tuning

Configure hyperparameters. Detects the best combination of hyperparameters. Create multiple experiments from a tuning run.

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Experiment tracking

Track and compare experiments. Visualise losses, metrics and resources. Visualise model predictions.

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Export to different format

Export final model in multiple framework specific and generic formats

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Transfer learning and fine tuning

Load weights from standard pre-trained models or similar previously run experiments

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Developer and lite version

Switch between basic and advanced experiment configuration options

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Experiment comparison and similarity

Identify previously run experiments with similar configurations

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