DeepEdge Platform and Services for Agriculture

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Quality Inspection of Agri products

Use DeepEdge platform for fast, accurate and objective analysis of Agri products

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Plant disease and pests detection

Use DeepEdge platform to identify crop species and diseases (or absence thereof)

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Plant growth monitoring

Use DeepEdge platform to monitor plant growth to ensure optimal yield at the end of the season.

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Indoor farming

Use DeepEdge platform for intelligent analysis of indoor farming for sustainable crop development and productivity optimization

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Livestock management

Use DeepEdge platform to monitor the health of farm animals

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Aerial crop monitoring

Use DeepEdge platform for aerial crop monitoring to achieve the best possible yields

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Weed detection

Use DeepEdge platform to accurately distinguish crops from weeds and reduce usage of chemical herbicide spraying

Case Study

Reduce losses during harvesting

Use case: Using multiple cameras mounted on harvester and providing real time feedback and analytics on loss of Tomatoes during harvesting.

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Leverage DeepEdge platform - Achieve faster solution development

One Integrated Platform

One integrated deep learning development platform all for a simple annual subscription.

Choice of hardware

Industry’s first deep learning development platform with support for Ambarella, Xilinx, Intel, NVIDIA, ARM and Qualcomm (under works).

Train in the cloud and deploy on the edge

Developers leverage the cloud infrastructure to train the model and seamlessly deploy on edge hardware. Allows rapid iteration between build, train and deploy cycles.

Platform Services

DeepEdge Platform services enable you to fully leverage the power of the DeepEdge platform. Leverage team of in-house deep learning experts or external engineers certified on the DeepEdge platform to accelerate your product roadmap

Falcon Services

DeepEdge Falcon services enable you to tap into deep engineering and product development expertise at DeepEdge.

IP ownership

You have complete ownership of the data you upload to the platform. In addition you own any custom models, and custom applications developed by your team on the DeepEdge platform.

Train in the cloud, and deploy on any edge hardware

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