DeepEdge Falcon Services

Falcon provides highly specialized engineering services

Get your product to market faster and maximize your revenue potential.

DeepEdge Falcon services are highly specialized engineering services for who need support beyond the DeepEdge platform in areas like sensor integration, device driver development, system level engineering, middleware integration and HPC - code optimization services.

Strengthen your product team

DeepEdge Falcon services enable you to tap into the deep engineering expertise and domain knowledge at DeepEdge.
Leverage DeepEdge Falcon experts to address a variety of complex challenges in engineering your product.

Agile Project Methodology

Using a simple but effective agile delivery methodology, our world-class team focuses on continuous enablement and iterative feedback to execute flawlessly - working closely with customer’s product, engineering, and ODM teams, identifying issues and opportunities ahead of time, and working hand-in-hand to help launch the product on time.

DeepEdge Falcon Services


Develop custom algorithms in image processing, computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning


Deep understanding of various video/image codecs like PNG, JPEG, HEVC, H264, etc and media container formats like AVI, MP4, and GStreamer framework enables us to speed up product development.

High-Performance Computing

With more and more compute unit availability on a single system, it is important to efficiently utilize all available computing power. The HPC group at DeepEdge brings deep experience in working with different types of systems, having multiple heterogeneous compute units to optimize and reduce resource requirements on your system.
Our expertise spans:

  • Intel/AMD multi core systems
  • Intel CPU + Iris GPU system
  • Intel CPU + Iris GPU system
  • ARM CPU + Mali GPU systems
  • Intel/AMD CPU + NVidia GPU
  • ARM CPU + DSP Processor + DL Inference accelerator

Camera Engineering

Extensively worked with cameras based on Ambarella and Qualcomm silicon. We specialize in building custom deep learning models with deep integration on Ambarella and Qualcomm SDK, delivering the desired performance and accuracy. Expertise in integrating with camera middleware and UI.

Sensor Integration

We specialize in integrating third-party sensors including thermal, IR, Lidar and Radar into customer’s product. We help customers build a software sensory fusion architecture.

ROS - Robotics Operating System

DeepEdge is investing in the The Robot Operating System, an open source software development kit for building advanced applications for robots and drones.

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