DeepEdge Platform Services

Achieve faster value realization and accelerate outcomes using the DeepEdge platform

Bring home world class deep learning expertise with DeepEdge Platform Services

Whether you have in-house AI expertise or you are just starting your new product ideation process, DeepEdge Platform services works with you to drive positive outcomes - accelerating implementations on the DeepEdge platform and delivering end-to-end model training, porting, integration and optimization service on various edge hardware.

DeepEdge Platform services enable you to fully leverage the power of the DeepEdge platform.

Leverage an in-house team of deep learning experts or external engineers trained on the DeepEdge platform to accelerate your product roadmap.

Agile Project Methodology

DeepEdge Platform services follow an agile process for all of our projects. The process is designed to ensure close collaboration between the project teams. The process provides a high level of transparency to ensure the project maintains alignment with the overall goals, shortening implementation time and speeding time to value.

Data Services using DeepData and DeepLabel

DeepEdge Data services leverages the DeepData and DeepLabel to provide image annotation services including bounding boxes, polygon annotations, keypoint annotation, semantic segmentation, and image classification. DeepLabel AI Assist and Active Learning allows DeepEdge team to deliver the best cost-quality ratio, leveraging AI to do heavy lifting with minimal manual validation.

Model training services using DeepTrain

DeepEdge Model Training services deliver custom computer vision models using one of the three approaches:

  1. DeepZoo provides reference models out-of-the box.
  2. Using the DeepTrain lite version to quickly train a model using transfer learning from a DeepEdge model or customer’s own trained model.
  3. Using the DeepTrain developer version to train a custom model from the ground-up by customizing every aspect of the model using the feature-rich cloud-based training framework.

Model optimization Services using DeepDeploy

DeepEdge Model Optimization services deliver highly optimized models for various edge hardwares. DeepEdge brings deep expertise in optimizing models for Ambarella, NVIDIA, Intel, Xilinx and Qualcomm. DeepEdge provides optimization services using one of the two approaches.

  1. DeepEdge deliver out-of-the box optimization with minimal loss of accuracy.
  2. DeepEdge custom optimization services takes it one step further, and delivers highly optimized, custom engineered models for specific edge hardware.

Application Development services using DeepEdge platform

DeepEdge Application Development services leverages end-to-end platform to architect and build industry specific solutions.

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